Philly.comments comments without explanation or context

anyone who buys the single bullet theory is an idiot. 

— USAFirst1

come on blacks….get sterilized and die

— songsrme2

You cannot have unions, the ACLU, affirmative action, welfare, public housing, public edjamakation, etc and not have a GHETTO! Show me ANYWHERE ON EARTH OR THE HISTORY OF IT where a POPULATED nation was an exception to the rule - it never happened.


Do you always use crack on Sunday afternoon? — macdad city

You can move all you want but you’ll still be writing on a 5th grade level.  Clowns. —
Bill E. Penn

I am SO GLAD! I don’t live there any more. I will watch the destruction of ‘The City of Brotherly Hate’ from my bunker.

— Conrad Birdie

You mean I’ve been having sex with a fish?

orange rhino

Stinking animals high on something have zero respect for others or their property. Full of anger at the white man for owning their ancestors 200 years ago…Get Over It! Or continue getting stoned, perpetrating some heinous act, and ending up in a cage for the rest of your life.

— AnukKrakatoa

Dude, you’re the product of inbreeding depression. — PhillyMan

He may be an animal, but you are a commentor so you arent much better — Kool Earl